The Queens West Villager is a collaborative, online, local newspaper for Long Island City, NY.  We collaboratively report local news, issues and events that matter and we also strive to create a robust, connected community for the residents, artists and businesses in this area.

The newspaper derives its name, Queens West Villager, from two adjacent neighborhoods.  The original neighborhood Hunter’s Point, which dates back to the 1600s, greets its residents and visitors as they emerge from the No. 7 train at the Vernon-Jackson station.  The second neighborhood is Queens West, born in 1997 perched behind Hunter's Point, on the banks of the East River and Gantry Plaza State Park.

The two neighborhoods, developed over a century apart , have merged into a small town with vertical living. They sit across the East River and only seven minutes by subway from one of the world’s greatest cities.

Queens West will soon be joined by Hunters Point South, named by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and an expanded Court Square area.  These final phases, currently under construction, will eventually include 5400 more units of housing, 11 acres of waterfront parkland, an intermediate school and a high school.  The Queens Library at Hunters Point, on Centre Blvd. will complete the area’s plan.

The Queens West Villager invites you to contribute content for what matters to all of us living here:

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