Hammer, Chisel, Drill: Noguchi’s Studio Practice

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(Noguchi Museum)

~~Exhibit Continuing From January 23, 2013 -- April 28, 2013~~

The exhibition explores Noguchi’s working practice at his five studios beginning in the 1940s.  The exhibit includes photographs of Noguchi at work, film footage, hand- and industrial tools that Noguchi used throughout his career and selected sculptures.

  • 1940s:  The MacDougal Alley studio in New York--slate and wooden interlocking sculptures period;
  • 1952 Onward: Kita Kamakura studio in Japan--experimentation with ceramic work;
  • Last 25 years: The 10th Street studio headquarters in Long Island City;
  • Mid-1960s: The Pietrasanta and Querceta studios near the Henraux quarries in Italy--stone carving; and
  • 1969 Onward:  The studio at Mure, Japan--hard stone.

Hammer, Chisel, Drill also explores Noguchi’s time as an assistant in the Paris studio of Constantin Brancusi. 

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