LIC’s Community Envy

0 comments Article by Letters Editor, May 23, 2012

To The Editor:

Your newspaper and other media gave good coverage before the recent spate of arts events.  Yet, had I not seen the blurbs in the media beforehand I might never have know about them.  There were a few homed made looking sandwich boards placed in front of some galleries and storefronts, but other than that I didn't feel the excitement in the LIC air that we all should have.

This is not a comment about the hard working organizers or artists who might have hoped to benefit from the publicity and the exposure. 

I'm simply wondering why events in LIC that are positive and good get absorbed into the ether?  What is it about Brooklyn that turns every event into a mass media marketing opportunity, but LIC seems to be a poor stepchild?  I'll put aside that even Queens West Villager mentioned Brooklyn's Googa Mooga in its pages.

Do we need more time to mature as a community?  Do we need to focus more on the people in the community rather than just real property values?  It's time that we as an entire community, not just one business here or there, takes Manhattan and Brooklyn head on!  Yes we're very close to the lure of those storied boroughs. But com'on--it's time for everyone in LIC to come to the aid of all of its own.

Hunter's Point, LIC, May 22, 2012

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