National Food Day to be Celebrated on LaGuardia Community College Campus

0 comments Article, Oct 19, 2012
(W. Rogowski Farm)

Organizers To Set Up a Green Market on Campus with F. Rogowski Farm ~~ October 24th, 2012 ~~ 2:00--4:00pm ~~ College’s E-building Atrium at 31-10 Thomson Ave

In celebration of National Food Day, a nationwide movement to encourage people to eat healthy, LaGuardia Community College's Food & Nutrition Programs are sponsoring a variety of activities including having a green market on campus where locally grown, seasonal produce will be sold.  LaGuardia is the first CUNY campus to have a Green Market.

Additional activities will include Live! Cooking Demos ~~ Food Films ~~  Raffles ~~ Giveaways ~~ 

The Rogoski Farm sells at the Union Square and Sunnyside GreenMarkets and is a second generation, family operated farm located in Warwick, NY.

Food Day, created by Center for Science in the Public Interest, is powered by a diverse coalition of food movement leaders, organizations, and people from all walks of life. Food Day takes place annually on October 24 to address health and nutrition, hunger, agricultural policy, animal welfare, and farm worker justice. The broader goal of Food Day is to strengthen and unify the food movement in order to improve our nation’s food policies.

“This is a celebration of real food and a time to urge people to get back to eating the food that comes from nature,” said Professor Bette Cohen, director of the Food and Nutrition programs.

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