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  • 5 Pointz

    Jackson Avenue @ Crane Street and Davis Street (You Can't Miss It),

    5 Pointz is an ongoing exhibit of living graffiti art covering a converted and now condemned warehouse. The art of famous and novice graffiti artists covers the building's facade.


    Informally open mornings and afternoons during the week and on weekends.  The 5 Point Gallery is open Saturdays from 4pm-8pm



    Permission to Paint:

    Contact Meres for an appointment (

    To obtain a permit, please provide a work sample (i.e. preferably a photo of a wall piece, or at least a sketch), so that we can properly place you.

    The most coveted locations are given to accomplished graffiti artists who create high-quality, conceptual work that displays great artistic detail, while the less visible areas are preserved for new and aspiring aerosol artists.

    The better the mural, the longer it stays up. Pieces and productions are typically left on display for anywhere from one day to two years, depending on the quality and effort of the work, as well as the pedestrian traffic level of its wall placement. Long-lasting, prominently displayed productions require a rough draft and demonstrate creative vision, a high-level of craft, and originality.

  • Dorsky Gallery

    11-03 45th Ave , 718-937-6317

    Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs is dedicated to promoting contemporary visual arts to a broad public audience.  Our programs of independently-curated exhibitions, publications, curator's talks, symposia, and art donations seek to illuminate and deepen the public’s understanding and appreciation of contemporary art as well as to foster dialogue about contemporary art.  Our efforts focus on contextualization and interpretation of issues in contemporary art encompassing work both world-wide and from America, and from emerging as well as long-established artists. Although most exhibitions are organized around an articulated theme, some focus on artists working in a particular medium and others explore lesser-known aspects of a single artist’s work.

    Thursday–Monday: 11:00am – 6:00pm



  • Jeffrey Leder Gallery

    21-37 45th Rd. , 212-924-8944

    Jeffrey Leder Gallery exhibits contemporary art by established and emerging American and international artists at varying points in their career.  The gallery is a 3,000 square foot converted factory and focuses on painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and some performances. "It is our philosophy that art serves to establish community, linking each of us to each other and to what is around us. The gallery’s objective, therefore, is to create a space for artists, collectors, collaborators and the general art community to interact."


  • Local Project

    45-10 Davis Street

    Since it’s beginning in 2003, LP has served as a gallery for art exhibitions, organizing multidisciplinary shows, bringing together young and experimented artists for the collective shows. The shows are put together between the artists and the LP crew and volunteers in a mutual guidance.  LP is building itself as a bridge between the artists and established art institutions seeking new talents to support; growing to become a catalyst of a new generation of artists.

    See individual exhibitions for hours.


  • Matted LIC Gallery

    46-36 Vernon Blvd, 718-786-8660

    Conservation Custom Framing, CPF on staff, Conservation ready made frames, off the beaten track giftware and jewelry!


    Tue - Wed: 11:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    Thu - Fri: 11:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    Sat: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  • Posada Studio Gallery

    10-27 46th Avenue #306,

    PSG is a creative art space to promote ART IN AND OUTSIDE the traditional exhibition venues in Long Island City, New York and all over the world. PSG is also dedicated to creating ART COMMISSIONS AND MURALS for residential and corporate clients and has a broad experience in CONERVATION AND RESTORATION OF FINE ART.

  • Resobox: Japanese Art Gallery

    41-26 27th Street, 718-784-3680 ‎

    RESOBOX is the name created from a mashup of the words Resonate and Box.

    This Resonating Box envisions a space where artists can meet and collaborate to create new and innovative arts. The space within this Box Resonates, too, shaking up everything inside.

    Japanese artists are welcome, and so are the many non-Japanese artists who understand and find themselves being influenced by the arts of Japan.  These artists can meet in RESOBOX, and create new works by adding and mixing in their sensibilities, playing a great role in preserving, and even developing Japanese arts.

  • SPACE WOMb Gallery

    22-48 Jackson Avenue #1, 718-670-1342

    SPACE WOMb, founded in 2009 in Long Island City, is a contemporary art gallery that exhibits abstract works of emerging and established artists from around the world.  The gallery's primary goal is to bring different perspectivess to the audience while helping to develop artists' careers.  The gallery also aims to connect and share artists works with international art institutions.  SPACE WOMb also offers art classes.

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