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  • 5 Pointz

    Jackson Avenue @ Crane Street and Davis Street (You Can't Miss It),

    5 Pointz is an ongoing exhibit of living graffiti art covering a converted and now condemned warehouse. The art of famous and novice graffiti artists covers the building's facade.


    Informally open mornings and afternoons during the week and on weekends.  The 5 Point Gallery is open Saturdays from 4pm-8pm



    Permission to Paint:

    Contact Meres for an appointment (

    To obtain a permit, please provide a work sample (i.e. preferably a photo of a wall piece, or at least a sketch), so that we can properly place you.

    The most coveted locations are given to accomplished graffiti artists who create high-quality, conceptual work that displays great artistic detail, while the less visible areas are preserved for new and aspiring aerosol artists.

    The better the mural, the longer it stays up. Pieces and productions are typically left on display for anywhere from one day to two years, depending on the quality and effort of the work, as well as the pedestrian traffic level of its wall placement. Long-lasting, prominently displayed productions require a rough draft and demonstrate creative vision, a high-level of craft, and originality.