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  • Jeffrey Leder Gallery

    21-37 45th Rd. , 212-924-8944

    Jeffrey Leder Gallery exhibits contemporary art by established and emerging American and international artists at varying points in their career.  The gallery is a 3,000 square foot converted factory and focuses on painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and some performances. "It is our philosophy that art serves to establish community, linking each of us to each other and to what is around us. The gallery’s objective, therefore, is to create a space for artists, collectors, collaborators and the general art community to interact."


  • Just Things

    47-28 Vernon Blvd., 917-558-4869

    antiques.  jewelry.  clothing.  gifts.  books.  collectibles.  stuff.  more stuff.

    if you want to see more, you'll just have to stop by.

    A great place--they're jewlery rocks!  shhhh....don't tell anyone.